So, Do I Need To Go To The Gym? PT II

Ok, so in my last post I recently wrote about finding your ‘why’ for exercise. If you missed that, click here first to read up.

Once you’ve found your why for exercise, you need to figure out your ‘what’.

In other words, what exercise are you going to use in order to live out your why?

Now it’s very important that your what and why align. For more on this, check out Brene Brown’s podcast episode with Sonya Renee Taylor. You’ll get so much out of their discussion.

Most people that I meet don’t actually know what exercise or forms of movement they actually enjoy because they’ve only ever done exercise that they think they ‘should’ do. Typically, it has always been about burning calories or losing weight.

But the problem is, if your what and why don’t align that’s when we see that ‘on/off’ relationship with exercise. You just can’t stick to it and you won’t if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons or it isn’t something you enjoy doing.

People get frustrated with themselves when this happens but really, it is a case of never sitting down to figure out both your what and why and getting them to match up.

It isn’t your fault that no one has ever asked you, what do you enjoy?

So where does the gym come in?

Gym spaces offer lots of options for you to try out new ways of moving. First of all, all the equipment. It’s like a playground.

Then you’ve got gym classes. Most budget, commercial gyms offer an extensive timetable of different classes for you to dabble in which are taught by a range of instructors.

Of course, you’ve then got the option to work 1:1 with a personal trainer to help channel some of your interests and learn how to do it with guidance and support.

I know that gym spaces are intimidating and sometimes not the most welcoming, especially for those in more marginalised bodies but finding the right gym and the right trainer can massively help with this.

If it is the strength training route you want to go down, accumulating equipment at home can work but again, this needs to align with your why. If your why involves movement for mental health benefits, sometimes getting out of the house can be super important.

You’ve then got that social element too, a gym class is full of people so you’re never at it alone.

And of course, unless you’ve got big bucks and a huge empty space, what you can accumulate at home will always be limited. Most people won’t have the budget or the space to be progressing their big compound movements at home.

So let’s say that strength or mainstream fitness classes don’t align with your why. What other options are there?

Well, a ton to be honest.

Indoor climbing? Swimming? Yoga? Dancing? (There’s loads of online dance based fitness classes, check out my friend over at MissFits Workout) Boxing or Boxfit? Outdoor cycling? Running? Walking? Crossfit?

So to answer the question, do I need a gym membership? The answer again is….It depends.

Explore your options and if you don’t like something after a few tries then stop doing it. You literally don’t have to stick at something if you don’t enjoy it.

All I know is, when I aligned my reason for being there with what I was doing, my training sessions became a no brainer. No motivation required. And whatever it is you pick, can you imagine yourself still doing it when you’re 60? 70? 80?

If it stands the test of time, you know you’ve nailed it.

Before you go, I just want to let you know that I provide my coaching emails and blogs for free with no marketing ploys like *buy my work out plans* or *join my squad* etc but if you find this free content useful and you want to support me, you can find the paypal link to buy me a coffee anywhere on the right side of this website. Think of it as my own personal tip jar.


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I’m Amy and I’m a personal trainer living in Norwich, UK.

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