Intuitive Movement & Training

Hi, I’m Amy. Let me help you reconnect with your body and exercise. Feel the difference when you reject the toxic fitness mentality. Here you’ll find posts about fitness and training.

Tracking Macros

A huge part of the fitness industry, and a word that you might have heard thrown around regularly, is macros and the concept of macro tracking. We know that calorie restrictive diets don’t work and we know that they can be harmful in many ways. Not only are diets one of the strongest predictors for […]

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So, Do I Need To Go To The Gym? PT II

Ok, so in my last post I recently wrote about finding your ‘why’ for exercise. If you missed that, click here first to read up. Once you’ve found your why for exercise, you need to figure out your ‘what’. In other words, what exercise are you going to use in order to live out your […]

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