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Recommended Products

Finding products that I like is actually pretty difficult. Due to my ethos as a PT, I can be easily put off by branding and marketing strategies that some fitness brands use. I have been using My Protein for many years and now that I’m a PT, I recommend their products to my clients. My protein runs an affiliate scheme for PTs which means if you shop via my recommendation using my links, I receive a small amount of commission. There is no additional cost to you as a buyer. I don’t have a big enough following to ever be sent products for free so all the products I recommend I have paid for and I recommend them because I like them.

I love my protein because they always have offers on despite already being reasonably priced. I have a dairy intolerance, so their range of vegan items is particularly appealing and convenient for me.

You can shop through my affiliate link and use discount code AMBITION for a mystery discount up to 35% off.

My Go To Every Day Supplements

I use protein powder every single day. If your goals are to maintain or build muscle then adequate protein is essential. Even if you just simply want to enjoy exercise, investing in a protein powder will ensure maximum recovery for your muscles. Having a decent amount of protein in your meals will also help you to feel fuller, for longer.

I have a dairy intolerance so I use a vegan protein powder. There are many protein powders to choose from. My vegan have these handy blogs to help you decide, click below.

The My Vegan Protein Blend is my go to protein powder. It comes in a lot of different flavours and provides a complete protein source. I add this to my oats every morning and sometimes I have an additional shake as a snack if I’m on the go or had a particularly heavy training session.

Creatine is a scientifically backed supplement that has many benefits, regardless of whether you’re into weight lifting or not. It is found naturally in the body and is mainly found in red meat. All veggies or vegans can benefit from taking a creatine supplement as there dietary intake is already low. I have one scoop everyday in my shake or in my water while I’m training. It is a relatively cheap supplement.

I don’t eat meat or dairy (dietary preference due to IBS/Intolerances) so for me, Vegan Omega is a must. There are so many supplements available but the only ones you need are the ones you aren’t getting in your diet. If you frequently eat meat, particularly fish, you won’t need an omega supplement.


I had never ordered clothing from the site until I ordered the products pictured below. Nothing got sent back from this order. Leggings fit an absolute dream. I am a size 10-12, hips and bum a lot wider than waist and tend to have a problem with other leggings where things either dig in or fall down. My protein size small leggings fit an absolutely treat and hold up nicely in my weight lifting sessions.