My Training Ethos

My Back Story

My approach to health and fitness has shifted dramatically over the last few years.

I used to engage in highly disordered behaviours around food and exercise, I was obsessed with how many calories I ate and how much I weighed.

I was obsessed with going to the gym and working out as much as possible. Missing a workout made me incredibly anxious. I became hooked on #fitspo culture on instagram and tried every diet possible.

I told myself that once I reached a certain weight, I would feel better about my body and would be more confident. Of course, that never happened. I was never happy with my ‘results’. I even told myself that I couldn’t start dating until I’d reached my goal weight. I literally put my life on hold.

My mental health was also suffering. I had no work life balance, struggled with being a single parent and working full time in a stressful job and eventually I cracked.

Working my way through depression forced me to reconsider what it really meant to be healthy. I discovered Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size and started to fix my relationship with food and exercise. I allowed myself to go on a date without stressing about whether my body would be found attractive and ended up meeting my future husband.

I discovered around this time that I absolutely loved strength training. Lifting weights and getting strong made me feel so confident and empowered. I cut down my gym sessions and started listening to my body. Working on my mental health, self care and relationship with food.

And Now…

Fast forward a few years, I moved cities to live with my now husband and I retrained to become a personal trainer. Of course my own experiences with health, fitness and depression have massively shaped the type of personal trainer I am.

What to expect from working with me…

My mission as a personal trainer and coach is to put people back in touch with what really matters whilst taking into account all of their needs, including their mental health, self care, body image and relationship with food and exercise. Often, just changing our mindset and the way we think about our own health can have a huge impact.

My aim is to give my clients complete autonomy over their bodies and how they want to approach their own health and fitness. I love supporting my clients by forming a partnership where they can tell me what they’d like to focus on in their sessions – and when they’ve had enough of something!

Forget all of the traditional approaches to personal training that you may be familiar with, I want you to actually enjoy your time in the gym not leave feeling exhausted!

I work from a weight inclusive approach – that means how your body looks or how much you weigh is not my focus, nor any of my business! You will not be asked to weigh yourself or take part in body checking practices like before and after pictures.

If this sounds like it would be a great fit for you in finding your fit – please get in touch for a free of charge consultation!

Core Values & Aims

  • Health is not a look and you can be healthy at any size. Together, we focus on looking after the body that you have in a sustainable and enjoyable way.
  • Weight inclusive means that anyone can access strength training, regardless of body shape or size.
  • Re framing your mindset around food and exercise so you can do things that feel good and not because you feel like you ‘should’.
  • Celebrate what your body can do and how you’re progressing outside the realms of aesthetic goals.
  • Empower you with the knowledge and support so you feel confident stepping into a gym on your own.
  • Focus on the many other physical and mental benefits of exercise to help you change your perception of fitness.
  • Encouraging you to dig deeper and look after yourself in many different ways through self care.
  • Making fitness fit so that you can spend time doing all of the other things that matter to you.

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Increased self esteem, confidence and body image
  • Resilience against diet culture messages
  • Improved mental health & wellbeing
  • No more restrictive eating, body checking & feeling hungry or out of control around food
  • Increased self care behaviours & awareness
  • Heaps more self compassion & love
  • A deeper understanding of your own body
  • No more guilt, stress or shame
  • More head space to concentrate on other things!

“Amy is everything I want in a personal trainer and more!”

Ashley White, Personal Training Client, Google Review