Reading List (Health & Nutrition)

If you’d like to find out more about what underpins my ethos as a personal trainer, the following books are a great place to start. In my opinion, these books are the best form of self help that you can spend your money on. You can click on the bold titles for links to Amazon.

I have a lot of books on my amazon wish but have only included links to books here that I personally own and have read. You can check out my wish list for other ideas here:

Intuitive Eating has just been updated and you can pre order the 4th Edition for July 1st. When it comes to starting your intuitive eating journey there’s no better source of information. Learn the 10 principles of IE and start your own journey towards never having to be on a ‘diet’ again.

IE can be a lot to get your head around. The IE Workbook is a really practical guide to putting the principles in practice. This book enables you to work on the areas that you find the most problematic. With plenty of practical activities designed to help you imbed the principles into your eating habits.

Just Eat It By Laura Thomas is such a comprehensive guide to starting your own intuitive eating journey. Laura has such an engaging style of writing and there are plenty of journal prompts so you can get stuck into your journey in a practical way. The book is laced with humour which makes the learning fun.

Health at Every Size was of the first books I read on this topic. It is a lot to take in but offers extensive information about how we are getting it wrong when it comes to our weight.

Body Respect, also by Linda Bacon is a shorter read and acts as a good introduction to HAES. It starts by dispelling some of the most commonly accepted myths about weight and ends with a short kick start guide for more respect towards your own body.

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