Personal Training Services

GYM BASED Services

1:1 Personal Training (1 hour)

Learn how to navigate the gym with a fully tailored, individual program to match your requirements and starting point. Learn how to master the basics of form, execution and progressive overload while working on your mobility and stability. This will give you everything you need to take on the gym with confidence, all with my full support 24/7. £36 per hour.

1:1 Block Bookings Discounts

5 sessions for £165 or 10 sessions for £300

1:1 Personal Training (30 Minutes)

Mix up your training with a shorter session, a chance to work on a specific lift like a squat or a deadlift, some mobility work or try a higher intensity session where changes in exercises and tempo will keep your heart rate high and the endorphins flowing! Great if you like mixing it up. These sessions can be tailored for all goals and can be low impact (no jumping) or high impact (jumping). £18.50 per 30 minutes.

T&Cs apply.

1:2 Personal Training (1 hour)

The same as 1:1 training but work alongside a friend or partner. Split the cost £45 per hour.

1:2 Block Bookings Discounts

5 sessions for £210 or 10 sessions for £400

Student & NHS Deals Available

Interested in working with me? Please get in touch via the contact page or see what some of my existing clients have to say via the testimonial page.

Online Services

Conversational Coaching & Book Club

Join me over on my mighty network, The Intuitive Fitness Space where I’ve teamed up with intuitive eating nutritionist, Jeanette Thompson-Wesson to provide monthly workshops and book clubs to help you improve reframe and refresh your relationship with exercise, food and your body. Click below for details.